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Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Subject:is anybody out there?
Time:10:41 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
So I've noticed people dont post on here anymore. Why is that? Nothing interesting in your lives as of late? Nobody getting married, or having babies or anything? Life here is great, i have a great family and my son grows up more and more everyday, too fast if you ask me! He can almost roll all the way over by himself now and has decided that he needs cereal since formula alone isnt satisfying his appetite. He's so tall that he's 3.5 months old and wearing 6-9 month pajamas since the 3-6 are too short and cramp his toes. I love him so much, he is a joy to have in my life and i hardly can remember life before him. He is beautiful. What i can't believe is that baby jocelyn is going to be a year REALLY soon, how the heck did that happen? Where is time going?! I dont know, all i know is that all these babies are becoming kids and all the kids i knew are becoming adults, I have been out of school for 5 years and im married with a beautiful son and a house with a mortgage. Life is passing by so fast that the days are a blur. I wish it would slow down so we could all enjoy the moments in life, before we wake up one day and we're 90. Well, it's late and my son needs to be moved into his bed, goodnight anybody that reads this.

~ Me
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Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Subject:He's Here...
Time:5:59 pm.
Mood: loved.
So I'm happy to announce that Samuel LeRobert made his appearance on May 12th at 10:38 am!! He's an adorable little guy, im so in love! He is still having to stay at the hospital for awhile because he's got a case of jaundice, but provided everything goes as hoped he'll be able to come home within the week. And despite the craziness of it all (AKA labor), i would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat, he's so worth it all. I'll post pictures as soon as i can on myspace, but it might be awhile since im staying at the hospital with him and the computers here dont let me on that site lol. Luv you all!
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Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Time:5:51 pm.
Mood: sore.

nobody posts on here anymore, has anyone else noticed this?! Only 4 days till my due date, and i feel huge!! Just thought i'd share that with everyone :P

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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Time:2:24 pm.
Mood: cheerful.

So its been about 12 weeks since i last posted on here and i just thought i'd let everyone that im still alive hehe. Less than 5 weeks until Samuel is due, time is truly whizzin' by me, maybe it's just because life is so hectic. Between getting the house ready for a baby, dealing with the repercussions of the accident and endless doctor appointments, time is flying. I really hope those of you that were invited to my baby shower can come, its going to be fun and it seems like i never see anyone anymore! Anywho, it's time to get myself ready to face the day, so until next time!



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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Time:9:37 am.
Mood: ecstatic.

So i was laying in bed last night, reading my new Cosmo Mag when the phone rang. I was like "Who the heck is calling me after 10, nobody ever calls me that late" i pick it up and who was calling me?! PRESTON!! I was so happy, i hadnt talked to him in FOREVER, he sounded great. So now i really miss him all over again, and i need to see him and visit, i dont know when but ill figure something out. I just thought i'd share my delight in being remembered and thought of :) Hope you all have a great day!!

3 months 28 days till im due!!

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Time:10:30 am.
Mood: curious.
So I think it's odd that I come on here EVERYDAY just to read about everyone else's life and never post about my own. It seems pathetic really, am i really that sad? Yet when i want to post something there's not really anything to post. I'm 22 years old, im 19 weeks pregnant and im married. That's about the gist of me. I wish i had something to talk about but im lacking right now. So hi everyone and i hope you all have a very merry christmas!
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Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Subject:I heard my baby!
Time:7:24 am.
Mood: bouncy.
Yesterday I got to hear the heartbeat, it was really cool, kind of a whoosh-whoosh sound. The doctor says everything is progressing perfectly and that in 5 weeks or so well be able to find out what were having!! Yay, merry christmas to us! It took a little while to find the heartbeat because my baby likes to lay on the bottom of my uterus, it was there for the first ultrasound too. I wonder if that means i'll carry low.. hmm im just excited that everything is going so well and that im finally in my second trimester.
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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Subject:lol, this makes me smile... I love my baby...
Time:10:24 am.
Mood: excited.
I just thought it was interesting that its been 93 days since my last period, i love having no period its GRRREAT!!! Sorry if its a TMI, but it makes me happy. Plus i get to hear the heartbeat today, im nervous/excited, ive waited so long to be able to hear it... Well have a happy day all! ~Heather
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Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Time:6:00 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
So we got to see our baby today!! Yes i said baby not babies, which is a good thing because i dont think i could handle more than 1 to start off with lol. But im right on track and the baby is growing normally, in fact textbook perfect size for its age. We also saw the heartbeat which was totally awesome, Jon has it set in his mind that it will be a boy, which im thinking that way too, but who knows :) Jon is kinda bummed that its not twin boys, but i think he'll be grateful later hehe. No pictures sorry, i didnt get one, probably at my next ultrasound maybe at 18-20 weeks. Next appointment we'll get to hear the heartbeat so we're very excited. Just thought i'd share my news!! Hope you all are having a good day!
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Monday, October 8th, 2007

Subject:I'm back!!
Time:2:21 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Ok so im officially moved into the new house, now that i have internet again. :) Life has been pretty good, it's nice to have our own place that is not rented, Jon gets more excited about being a dad everyday, i love it when he cuddles with my tummy and loves it :) I will be 9 weeks tomorrow, approximately 64 days since my last period, and i LOVE not having to deal with it lol, plus my boobs are getting bigger which if you know me is like my dream come true :D I miss seeing people, especially Shaanti, once i get things picked up and cleaned around here we are totally hanging!! I supposed to get my first ultrasound on Wed. so that's like the highlight of my week, im super excited to finally see whats going on in there. But anyhow, im back up and running so you all can comment me all you want and ill be able to respond!! Yay!! I hope you all are doing well and ill catch you laters!!
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Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Subject:Happy birthday.. kinda
Time:2:19 pm.
Mood: nauseated.
SO today i turn 22 and being as it is my birthday i should be celebrating! So you might ask "Heather how are you spending your day?" And i would say oh, packing, and having my head in the %$#&!* toilet mainly. Not to mention i had to renew my license today and i saw "IT" there and nearly passed out from his presence. I'm just glad Jon wasnt with me, there would have been blood shed im sure.. But anyways, Happy birthday to me!
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Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Subject:Another sadness...
Time:3:42 pm.
Mood: sad.
My Great-grandma passed away this morning at 2 am. She was my last remaining great-grandma. I had been preparing for this since weds. but it still makes me really sad, i was always her "little Heather" I didnt get to tell her i was having a baby and she was the one whose wanted me to since i was of breeding age, she always wanted to do another five-generation picture. I'm sad that it wont ever happen.
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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Subject:Another Sadness
Time:3:29 pm.
Mood: crushed.
My first kitty cat that we got when i was 6 had to be put to sleep today because her kidneys were failing, Goodbye Tabitha, we had our good times and our bad but i will miss you dearly.
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Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Subject:Sadness :,(
Time:11:02 pm.
Mood: crushed & dying on the inside.
My dog, my baby i picked out when i was 8 had to be put to sleep tonight. He had a fast growing tumor the size of a volleyball on his stomach. My poor poor Chewy, I will miss you forever and i dont know what ill do without you. I love you.
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Monday, August 13th, 2007

Time:1:17 pm.
Mood: groggy.
1. Heather
2. Heath (not like the candy bar, like Heather without the -er)
3. Hummingbird

1. I am a talented photographer and i dont have to grad college to know this.
2. My eyes can tell everyone what type of mood im in.
3. I am loved by others.

1. My moodiness
2. I have absolutely no motivation school-wise.
3. My lack of flexibility i just wanna do the splits once!

1. German
2. English
3. Mexican

1. Scary movies that seem too real
2. Being followed by strange men
3. Losing the love ive found

1. Clothes
2. Deodorant
3. Jonny Boy... :)

1. Pajama shirt
2. Pajama Pants
3. underwear?

1. Toby Mac
2. Beachboys
3. any chick music..

1. I'm happy where im at in life.
2. I would rather have no children at all then to be old when i got pregnant. (In the bible Elizabeth was past her 90th bithday and through menopause when God finally blessed her..)
3. I never lie. :)

1. Being the perfect-ness wife ever.
2. Let God control my life wholly and stop resisting it.
3. Something nobody would ever think id do, physically wise and in a good way.

1. Jon
2. Jon
3. hmmmm let me think.... Jon?!

1. Allow my food to get mixed together into one pile of yuck.
2. Let people try and put me down because of their own insecurities.
3. Leave my comfort zone.

1. Surfing
2. Reading
3. Sleeping

1. Sleep
2. Have Jon home
3. Move out NOW

1. Caregiver
2. Nanny
3. Personal shopper

1. Ireland
2. Somewhere tropical
3. Italy

1. Buy a house
2. Have a baby
3. I want to die together with Jon in our sleep when were 100 years old.

1. Whoever wants to
2. Whoever feels compelled to
3. Whoever is bored
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Monday, August 6th, 2007

Subject:My weekend
Time:2:52 pm.
Mood: content.
Well, Jon and I are in the process of trying to buy a house, which is very exciting!!! It's a 2 bdrm 1 bath house with a large attic that we'll probably remodel into a second floor with at least 1 more bedroom and a media room/rec room eventually. I'm hoping and praying well be able to get it and move in within the next month or two, then ill have to have a nice bbq with my friends! :) Anywho, I hope you all are doing well and ill talk to you later!! hugs and kisses! ~Heather

PS. I miss you Shaanti!!
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Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Time:4:16 pm.
Mood: grateful.
So ive decided that my life is exactly how it should be. I got to get married the the man of my dreams, in the place of my dreams and now i have the job of my dreams staying home and kids will come when their supposed to! i'm not jealous of anyone because ive made the right decisions and im content with my life. Don't get me wrong, there's always bumps in the road (ex. my miscarriage, or friends who arent very supportive) but it's only made me realize what i want out of life and who i need to get there.

I love children and it would be awesome to have them, but im not jealous of people who do have them because only God knows when its the perfect time for us to have them. Having a child too soon or before your truly ready is much too hard on a person and a relationship, i know it's sad to say but im happy my miscarriage happened because it has allowed me to love and spend time with the man i married, my soulmate, the man who will love me no matter what, a man i didnt settle for.

So basically i am the happiest woman alive because i reached some of the biggest goals in my life, to find the man my soulmate, to make a career out of doing what i love and being able to walk away to take care of my home, my husband and (someday) my children. BTW they will be the most loved children because they resulted from a very happy and stable marriage (which couldnt have happened had we not had this much time together) and because they'll be mine and i spoil children rotten lol :D Anyway i just wanted to share my happiness and serenity withy the world, take care! ~Heather
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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Subject:It is done...
Time:10:08 am.
Mood: content.
So yesterday, i went to work and worked for 3 hours then broke it to them that i was resigning my position with the company, it went better than i thought, so i imformed them that my last day will be Friday, after that i finally get to become the housewife ive wanted to be for sometime now! Yay for me! I have decided to help other people who need help during the day, whether its watching kids or working out together, ill stay busy im sure! :) I just thought id share my relief with you, *sigh* i feel better already..
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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Time:12:13 pm.
Mood: frustrated.
So i have an issue, on one hand i really enjoy working at Campus Kids and seeing children smile, on the other hand they are trying to move me somewhere else to do production work for Mr. C's and becoming the right hand man of the right hand man of Don Cianci, which by all means i should be happy about, but im not. I HATE HATE HATE working in such cloe proximity to Don and Cass with their stupid Affair that they do a crappy job of hiding. They make me hate my job, and i just feel like what's the point of working? I mean i dont have to work, i CHOOSE to work and they are making it hell with Don's stupid temper and their lover spats that they take out on us instead of each other. But i dont want to quit, cuz im not much of a quitter and because i love the Campus Kids aspect of my job when im able to work there. *Sigh* i have no idea what to do, i cant think of anywhere else i would be able to work with kids the way i do and also get to utilize my photoshop skills. I just want to be a stay at home mom!!! But first i have to become a mom which is more of a challenge then it appears, i hopeful this month but then again i try to be every month until usually i psych myself out and Aunt Flo comes... errr I just want to be content and not have to worry about moral-less affairs and drama (Seriously Don, shes the same age as your daughter..), my life is a fucking soap opera. Tootles..
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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Subject:Hi Ho... Hi Ho...
Time:9:10 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
It's back to work i go... After having a lovely three day weekend im heading back to work, which is mildly depressing; but the is a light at the end of the tunnel! I on;y have to work 3 days this week then i get another 3 day weekend!!! YAY, i just have to keep this in mind when im at work slaving over photos lol. I hope everyone is alive and well, it wouldnt kill you all to comment me once in awhile, whether on here or Myspace! :) TTFN

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